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Methods of ordering:

  • You may write your request, stating clearly the name,  dose and quantity of the medication that you require; you can use the form provided on the right-hand side of your last repeat prescription, or we have forms available for this purpose, or you may use your own. Please send us a stamped addressed envelope if you wish the prescription sheet to be sent directly back to you
  • You may send your request for repeat prescriptions via the EMIS Patient Access service (sign up for this at the reception desk)
  • Most of the Thornbury pharmacies run their own repeat prescribing service, whereby they re-order on your behalf based on your anticipated need. However if patients top up from other sources or from the surgery, then unnecessary medicines may be dispensed.
  • You may fax your request to 411141

Please do not request prescriptions by email as your request cannot be processed. The correct method to order online is to register for the full EMIS Patient Access online services as above.

PLEASE BE AWARE that in order to enable a prompt service at the reception desk and for dealing with other telephone queries, we are no longer able to take repeat prescription requests over the telephone. If you think you need a different or new prescription, and you would like to speak to a doctor rather than take an appointment, then we can book you a telephone consultation.

To avoid mistakes or inconvenience when repeat prescriptions are requested, please follow these guidelines: 

  • Please give 3 working days notice (this includes time needed by the pharmacist to prepare your medicines)
  • Use the last prescription form if possible (this is the list of authorised medications that was attached to your last prescription) and deliver this to the surgery
  • Please state which chemist you wish to collect the medication from (all pharmacists in Thornbury and Alveston collect from the surgery), or whether you wish to collect the prescription directly from the surgery. If you enclose a stamped address envelope we will forward the prescription to you. We are able to send most prescriptions electronically even to remote chemists as long as your NHS summary record has been authorised by yourself and is up to date. If no destination is stated, the default destination for the prescription will be Lloyds in the precinct.
  • If a doctor needs to review or revise your prescription you may be asked to speak to a doctor before it is supplied.
  • The recommended quantity by South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group for most medication issued on repeat prescription is one month’s supply, in order to reduce possible wastage and hence costs to the NHS. Where possible, we compromise on 2 months’ supply where it is clear that the medicines are likely to continue to be issued in the medium to long-term.  It may be possible to issue 3 months’ supply in limited circumstances e.g. going away, or some types of medicines e.g. hormone replacement therapy, or 6 months’ supply in the case of the oral contraceptive pill.
  • In the case of salbutamol (blue, acute reliever) inhalers for asthma, one inhaler should last at least 3 months if your asthma is reasonably controlled. If you are getting through more than this and have not been reviewed for a while, please make an appointment to see a nurse or doctor.

For a list of local pharmacies see the Local Services page.


PLEASE NOTE : As previously stated, the on-line prescription form on this page has been removed to co-ordinate IT changes, and to order prescriptions online the EMIS Access facility (see link above at top of page “online appointments”) will need to be used. This will require a registration process, but will be more secure, and also enable you to remotely control other features e.g. look up any pathology results, book doctor appointments, and see your medical summary.