District Nurses

District Nursing Team

The District Nursing Team provide skilled nursing care to the housebound and support for their carers. Generally, the service is restricted to the housebound or where a house visit is deemed more appropriate, for example, those patients in the early stages of Palliative Care, or those whose mobility precludes safe handling in a surgery setting. We will be happy to advise you whether a District Nurse visit is appropriate. All community services including district nurses are under Sirona Care and Health.

As a District Nursing Team we can offer the following care:

  1. Assessment of health/ nursing needs
  2. Palliative and Terminal Care
  3. Wound and leg ulcer management
  4. Pressure area care
  5. Clinical screening e.g. venepuncture
  6. Vaccinations i.e. influenza and pneumonia
  7. Post-operative care
  8. Continence assessment and catheter care
  9. Training and support of carers

The need for Home Care, Meals-on Wheels, help with personal hygiene should be referred directly to the Social Services Duty Desk 01454-866270.

You can┬áspeak┬áto the District Nursing Team via the Sirona Locality office on 01454-315355 (option 2). We will assess your needs and may refer you to a more appropriate professional. As a team we work in conjunction with the Treatment Room at the surgery, Practice Nurses, GPs, Occupational Therapists, Social Services, St. Peter’s Hospice, Community Staff Nurses for Older People, and Rehabilitation services.

In some cases where your condition improves, we will ask you to attend the Treatment Room in the surgery. We would appreciate your support in this decision.