Blood Tests and Results

For results of blood and other tests, please either ask at the front desk in person or phone our main number (413691) after 10.30am.

Please note that due to the volume of results that we process, you will not normally be contacted about your results, even if abnormal, and the practice has a policy that patients are responsible for following up and contacting us for any results.

(If a result is returned to us that requires urgent action, then we will do our best to contact the patient, but as these details may not always be up to date, it is important NOT to rely on this).

Most blood and urine tests are normally with the surgery within 3-7 working days, but X-Rays and scans ordered by the surgery (not by a consultant at hospital outpatients) may take 2 weeks to reach us. If your test was ordered by a hospital doctor, the surgery will not usually receive the result until after you have been seen again in outpatients. If you need such a result urgently, you must speak to the secretary of the hospital doctor via the hospital switchboard.

Please note that if you are signed up to Patient Access, then you will be able to see your results when available through this service without having to contact the practice directly.

We cannot normally provide results of patients aged 16 or over to anyone other than the patient themselves unless prior arrangement has been made.