Your GP Surgery Cares For You

General practice in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire is changing.

We want to make sure everyone can access the right support when they need it, whether that’s online or face-to-face, so general practice teams are growing to include an even wider variety of medical specialists.

This means you may be offered an appointment with one of these specialist members of staff, instead of a GP.

These changes mean as many people can access general practice as possible, so that we can prevent long-term ill health and help everybody live healthier, longer lives. We’re working closely with our partners in community services, social care, hospitals and mental health to make this happen

Your general practice team can now offer you more specialist services than ever. That’s because these teams include a variety of highly trained medical professionals, who each bring extensive, specialist knowledge to local care.

These GP-led teams include roles like advanced nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, and clinical pharmacists. They work together closely, and if a specialist needs assistance from a GP, this can happen quickly and easily